Our Team

We are both accountants aka “bean counters” which  unfortunately does not have quite a good reputation to say the least as we are perceived as being very boring and dull. I promise you that we are not. We are both passionate individuals and especially passionate about health, nutrition and well being due to unexpected life changing experience which we had to overcome and led to hours upon hours of nutritional research following research scientists, professional athletes which ultimately led us to  Pure Spectrum CBD. Recommended to us because of their organic, sustainable and ethical practices.

Our Story

Our journey towards CBD started in late 2018 a few months after our wedding when my wife was diagnosed with Stage four ovarian cancer, which actually turned out to be colectoral cancer. The news was mind boggling because we were both very active and eating what we perceived as being “healthy” diet at the time.

Receiving this news is something which you think would never happen to you, your partner or close family member. It’s something you tend to see in movies or hear about . When it actually happens to someone you love,mother of your child it is a feeling that is indescribable.

Me born in South Africa, and was taught by my parents from a very young age that when faced with adversity we should never give up and just keep pushing forward. Where there is belief one can conquer anything. It never crossed my mind that i would lose my wife, mother of my child, as I did not believe it would happen. I was devoted to change our lifestyle, search for truth, make sacrifices to prepare us to live a lifestyle that this disease would never return.

Surgery was required and I knew that afterwards there would be a choice to be made of doing chemotherapy or not. I immediately started to go down the nutritional, natural healing rabbit hole, reading hours upon hours of articles, studies and watching countless hours of you tube videos whatever it took to find a method/protocol, a miracle food, to ensure that this disease would never return. I consulted close family friends who had dealt with this disease who really helped with their experience, advice and their research that they had already done.

Whilst all this was going on for two months and our families flying over from different parts of the world to support us I continued to listen/watch to Joe Rogan Podcast who regularly had research scientists and nutritional experts on his show to inform public on latest findings/updates on health, nutrition and wellbeing. From this show I also learnt about how professional athletes were using CBD at the time to recover from sever injuries and pain management.

At this time CBD industry in the UK was not that well established and it was difficult to source an organic trusted product. I eventually stumbled upon one of Joe Rogan friend’s podcasts where he talks about a sport, MMA and how he had found a reliable source of CBD which was organic and third party tested and trusted in an industry that was only starting to gain traction. 

He also confirmed that he and certain members of his family use it to overcome their health issues.  I then discussed the use of CBD with my wife’s Oncologist to ensure that it does not interfere with her treatment and if it safe to use. He said that this would be fine which ultimately lead to the purchase our very first Pure Spectrum CBD product which we still continue to use today.

It has been almost two years now since her diagnoses with our new lifestyle changes which includes raw vegetables/fruit juicing, supplementation,fasting, exercise and Pure Spectrum. As per our disclaimer these products do not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

I am just telling you our journey that lead us to this amazing product that we continue to use.

Thus we started PureConnect CBD with good intentions to do some good in this world to make a positive difference and to connect you to the right stuff from a company who have been producing CBD from the beginning and not just over the past few years. 


Becoming part of Pure Spectrum family and expanding throughout UK and Europe.


To inspire people to focus on Health and well being above all. To change mindset to think prevention is the best form of protection.


We stand by our integrity, respect to all, delivering of the highest quality and being good moral citizen.


To grow to enable us to contribute to a charity or campaign for mental health as it is becoming more prevalent in this day and age. To be recognized as the premium CBD product throughout the UK.