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About us

Pure Passion. Pure Wellness.

Our vision

To inspire hope and health in those around us.

With a commitment to full-cycle sustainability and transparency, we hope to support generations of people in the UK experience life to the fullest.

Our mission

Our story is an intensely personal one that sparked a deep, abiding desire within us to inspire the people around us to focus on their health and well-being above all else.

By sharing our journey, we hope to shift people’s mindset to understand that prevention is the best form of protection for long-term health. We also know we have a role to play in supporting the work of charities and organisations campaigning for full-person wellness focusing on both physical and mental health.

We believe that we have a range of products that can change the lives of our customers and, ultimately, our mission is to share our journey with millions of people across the UK.

Meet the Founders of Pure Connect CBD, Warren and Justyna


We’re Warren and Justyna, and we are the founders of PureConnect CBD, sole Pure Spectrum CBD distributors. Our journey into the world of CBD started in 2018, a few months after our wedding, when Justyna was diagnosed with Stage Four ovarian cancer.

Eventually, tests would reveal that what she had was colorectal cancer. The news was both devastating and puzzling, as both of us were very active and were eating what we believed to be a ‘healthy’ diet. Receiving this diagnosis was indescribable. You think it could never happen to you, and then it does.

I went back to what my parents taught me from a young age in South Africa: never give up and keep pushing forward no matter what adversity you face. Armed with the belief that together we could conquer anything, we devoted ourselves to research, dietary and lifestyle changes and spent months searching for alternative pathways to health. Not once did it cross my mind that I could lose my wife, the mother of my children, and my best friend. It wasn’t even an option.

Initially, surgery was required, and our doctor informed us that a choice would need to be made about chemotherapy afterwards. We went after nutritional, natural healing, and alternative answers that could help us avoid harsh mainstream treatments.

But it wasn’t until one day, when I had tuned into the Joe Rogan podcast, that I learnt about the powerful benefits of CBD. Rogan regularly interviews research scientists and nutritional experts, and in this episode, he spoke to an expert who discussed how professional athletes use CBD for recovery and pain management. By proxy, I stumbled upon another podcast hosted by one of Rogan’s friends who talked about CBD being a reliable source for injury recovery after MMA matches. The same man shared his experience of using third-party tested & organic CBD for other health issues. It was then I decided to pursue CBD use for my wife after consulting with my wife’s Oncologist. We purchased our very first Pure Spectrum CBD product and continue to use it to this day.

In addition to daily use of CBD, my wife has made substantial lifestyle changes in these two years since her diagnosis, including raw juicing, supplementation, fasting, and exercise.

While per our disclaimer, our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, we do believe them to be an essential part of any healthy lifestyle!


Our lives have changed profoundly in the space of 4 short years, and we’re proud to be official Pure Spectrum CBD suppliers to the UK, that have a long track record of providing high-quality products and support to CBD users.
We’re excited to share our journey, both the highs and the lows, and inspire others to take an educated, open-minded approach to their health and quality of life.

The Pure Connect Promise


You deserve the best.

We use only the highest quality organically cultivated, non-GMO hemp.


Good for you and the planet.

Our hemp is 2018 Farm Bill Compliant and sourced from sustainable family farms.


Know your product.

All the 3rd party test results for our products are available on our website.


Feel good, do good.

Pure Connect supports the work of several UK-based charities focused on mental health.

Have any Questions?

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop us a message or call us now. As exclusive distributors of Pure Spectrum in the UK, we also offer whole opportunities.