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Google Review

This company was recommended by my sister-in-law. My son who is 16 years old and a tennis player was injured: his hip and wrist from training and tournaments. So I looked into buying the salve for him to apply where he was feeling discomfort after visiting A&E for his injuries. When I received my order, there was a free gift of 250mg CBD oil so I tried it....I was blown away by the result. I didn’t think I needed CBD oil but I heard that it regulates hormones so I thought why not...before I took the CBD oil, I was experiencing some low moments in my mood, possibly PMS or maybe even early signs of menopause, who knows but I can tell you now. I feel amazing. I would take 2 drops just under my tongue and wait 60 seconds for better absorption. I then started to share with my husband who is a tennis coach...he always has aches and pains from his profession. He found the benefit from it too. I wrung that free bottle of 250mg dry. I then bought the 3x500mg bundle as I didn’t want to share...a bottle for me, a bottle for my hubby and one for my sister, who suffers from inflammation in her knee. I also decided to order the restore hydrating creme. I had a sty under my eye which had taken residence for over a month and even though I was putting hot compress on it, it multiplied...I was mortified. After 3 application of the restore creme...the improvement on the sty was significant. Redness had faded and had shrunk in size, I was so happy. The sty was knocking my confidence as I had it for over a month and was getting worse, so you can imagine how delighted I was with the improvement. My sister-in-law Joanne who recommended this product to me, said that it restores and heals the skin and rebuilds the DNA or something like that (I paraphrase). Therefore, I recommend this company highly and their organic products! Please try it for yourself, you will be so grateful as am I. I have to say it has changed my life for the better. Being vegetarian and trying to eat vegan and now with CBD oil from Pure Connect, health is great and very grateful. Well done for being an advocate for better wellbeing
Essex, United Kingdom