Why CBD does not make you high

Why CBD Does Not Get You High

Over the last decade, CBD has skyrocketed in use and popularity in the UK. Despite its widespread use, much mystery surrounds this incredible herbal product. One of the most asked questions is, can CBD get you high, and if not, why? After all, the average person associated the hemp and cannabis plants with recreational ‘highs.’… Read More »Why CBD Does Not Get You High

Organic Hemp CBD Salve Balm

What is Salve?

It is a balm, something that smooths and consoles, something that eases the distress Is your life the endless list of things to do and schedules to fulfil? You may like to pause and relax. Before writing this blog, I indulged in a long steaming hot shower followed by a gentle massage from tip to… Read More »What is Salve?

Organic Hemp Plant

Health Nut? Here’s What Science Says About CBD & Your Health

Over the past several years, Cannabidiol (CBD) has exploded in popularity. Everyone from schoolteachers to athletes is using CBD to reduce undesirable symptoms and increase their physical capabilities. But what if you’re a self-proclaimed ‘health nut’? Can you trust CBD to improve your performance and safely use it? Unfortunately, research for CBD has largely been… Read More »Health Nut? Here’s What Science Says About CBD & Your Health