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We are for the health fanatic. And the wellness fanatic. Those who demand more from their bodies, and their lives. Who understand that a fit body is best enabled by a fit mind. And who have discovered the simple truth that physical exertion and physical recovery are nature’s checks and balances on human athleticism.

Why buy Pure Spectrum?

Pure Spectrum is committed to cultivating and crafting the highest quality hemp-derived products. This commitment means no shortcuts when it comes to our farming, processing, formulating, and testing. Our family farms implement
sustainable growing practices, superior genetics and ethical processing to produce a product you can stand behind.

Every stage of our process, from soil to oil, is standardized, controlled and rigorously evaluated. At Pure Spectrum, we believe anyone can tell a story.

Experience the Pure Spectrum Advantage for yourself.


Organically cultivated Hemp

Organic hemp seeds are then planted in mineral-rich soil, without pesticides, herbicides or other toxins.


All natural, organic ingredients that is sourced ethically.

THC Free

Free from psychoactive compounds that are known to be association with being high.

Whole Plant Extract

Preserve more of the compounds and terpenes to maximize benefits in the body.

Third Party Tested

To ensure transparency that ingredients and concentration is what is reflected on the bottle. Lab Test are available here.

High performing athletes
work harder, recover faster

You require your body to perform at the highest levels every day – our Black Label recovery products do the same. Our high-potency Black Label Cannabidiol Oil features the same clean taste of our extra strength formula with more than double the cannabidiol concentration. Blended in MCT oil, consumers get the extra benefits of medium-chain triclycerides which aid in digestion,  metabolism and cellular health.



About Us

PureConnect CBD is the place to go for pure, quality, third-party tested CBD in the UK. As the sole distributor of Pure Spectrum CBD in the UK, we are committed to offering you and your family the best CBD products. Our products are 100% THC-Free and are evaluated by the USDA and WADA agencies. Pure Spectrum CBD is partner of the US Triathlon & Weightlifting Teams. Your wellness is our top priority, guaranteed.

Member of the Cannabis Trade Association of the UK.


Cannabidiol Balms


Gently massage your skin with our 500mg cannabidiol-infused relaxing and invigorating salves. Each jar is made from organically grown, phytocannabinoid rich hemp extract, sustainably farmed in America’s heartland.

Blended with essential oils and a perfect formulation of all-natural ingredients, Relax and Invigorate are the best way to enhance a massage or aid in recovery from your active lifestyle.

skin hydration essentials

Cannabidiol Moisturizing Body & face


Your skin deserves this blend of essential oils,natural ingredients and cannabidiol. Each ingredient serves a specific purpose – creating a symbiotic relationship in each bottle – giving you a daily moisturizing experience like no other hydrating plant-based formulation. Restoring your skin’s glow, firmness, and elasticity.

Liniment Cooling Cream

Experience fast acting cooling with our cannabidiol cream blended with all-natural arnica, white willow bark,capsaicin, and a cooling blend of essential oils. Each jar is made from organically grown,phytocannabinoid rich hemp extract, sustainably farmedin America’s heartland. Liniment is the perfect way to relax from a long day or aid in recovery from your active lifestyle.

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