What is cbd?

Cannabidiol pronounced cana-bih-DIE-all and is one of 100 natural compounds found in the cannabis plant called cannabinoids. Hemp is a specific strain of cannabis plant family that is naturally high in CBD and low in THC. As THC is the compound which makes one high. Which is what most people associate with when speaking about CBD. 

The Pure Spectrum CBD products that we sell here at PureConnect CBD contains zero THC.


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What does it do and how does our body react?​

Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive compound that interacts naturally with the human body’s endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for maintaining and harmonizing total body homeostasis(stable, equilibrium). 

Interestingly, our bodies also produce cannabinoids through our Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Our ECS acts as a “control panel” for our bodies and supports/maintains homeostasis, which is our body’s optimal state of balance between all of its systems. The ECS also regulates various important bodily internal systems that are important for optimum maintenance.

When cannabinoids from plants (phytocannabinoids) enter the body, they interact with our ECS receptors in the same way our internal cannabinoids do.

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Cannabis infused beauty products

How do I take it?

CBD (and other phytocannabinoids) can be introduced into the body in various forms such as inhalation, by mouth or through the skin. 

Tinctures (Oils) contain droppers to measure the ml amount of CBD to take sublingually which is fast absorbing and high bio-availability as the capillaries under the tongue lead directly to the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system. You can also take it with food and drink. It is easy to use and allows for flexible dosing. Please see Dosage calculator to give an indicaiton of how much to take based on your body weight.

Topicals (Creams/Balms) are formulated with pure CBD  isolate or organic hemp extract, essential oils and other beneficial ingredients that will allow the CBD to enter through your skin. This allows targetting specific areas that cause pain, discomfort and sore muscles.  Useful for maintaining and hydrating  your skin. Does not enter the bloodstream and is absorbed into skin and surrounding tissue and muscles.

Why buy from PureConnect CBD ?

Every process from soil to oil honors the plant, the farmer, and the consumer. This commitment means no shortcuts when it comes to farming, processing, formulating, and testing. Along with superior seeds and ethical processing to produce pure organic CBD products that you can stand behind.

THC Free

Free from psychoactive compounds that are known to be association with being high.


Sourced from organic hemp seeds and sustainably farmed. The crop is then processed ethically before being formulated into our final products.

Pure Spectrum’s Cannabidiol Oil starts with organic,
phytocannabinoid rich hemp extract. We blend it with
organic, fractionated coconut oil for better absorption
and smooth taste.

Every batch is tested for potency and purity, and we provide current third-party lab test results verifying our oil is THC-free. Available in multiple sizes and strengths.

Whole-Plant Extract

Every stage of the extraction  process, from soil to oil, is standardized, controlled and rigorously evaluated. To ensure purity, potency and free from contaminants

Independent Third Party Lab Tested

Lab tested by third party for transparency that ingredients and concentration is what is reflected on the bottle.


Organic hemp seeds are then planted in mineral-rich soil, without pesticides, herbicides or other toxins.

USA Grown

Grown in the lovely valleys in Evergreen, Colorado USA. Sustainably farmed and naturally grown.

Quality Assured

Our manufacturer Pure Spectrum was awarded among the Top 20 Hemp businesses in the world. Assuring you that the organic CBD products that you purchase from PureConnect is of the highest quality in the world. 

Not all CBD is created equal. The purest, most-reliable CBD product. How can we make such a claim? It’s all about transparency. Controlled process of extracting and inspecting CBD every step of the way – from soil to oil.

Organic CBD Oils | THC Free

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1850 Hemp Co.’s cooling cream is a great way to relieve pain from sore muscles,backaches, achy joints, arthritis, and inflammation. Experience fastacting, deep penetrating pain relief with our cannabidiol cream blended with all-natural arnica, white willow bark, capsaicin, and a cooling blend of essential oils. Each jar is made from organically grown, phytocannabinoid rich hemp extract, sustainably farmed in America’s heartland. Liniment is the perfect way
to relax from a long day or aid in recovery from your active lifestyle.

Customer reviews

I enjoy the taste of 1850 Hemp Oil, and think it significantly strengthens the overall experience and value of this product. I take it on my recovery days, treat my health condition, as well as add it to my pre-sleep routine almost daily.

Lenar Abbasov

I’m not a fan of the Hemp seed taste but I’m a huge fan of the results. My mother has MS and she loves it for her aches and pains me to. Not to mention the Quality.


This ointment is the best. I have a structural knee issue that leads to inflammation of my bursa sacks on the tendons to my knee. This product is very effective in reducing the inflammation. I am a triathlete, so I work out a lot. I can highly recommend this product.

Scott Conger

"Thank you so much for recommending this product to me. Taking Pure Spectrum CBD oil has helped my sleep tremendously. You guys are my saviour 🙏💝"

Joanna - ladyjo_uk - Instagram, London

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For people who pursue an active lifestyle. Pure Spectrum Organic CBD products are available in a variety of concentrations and styles to fit your lifestyle.

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Formulated for both the serious athlete and anyone who pursues an above average active lifestyle. If you require to perform at the highest levels each day.